jeudi 26 juillet 2012

Download Pro Facebook Hack v 2.0


Motto : We are Anonymous & Hacker Zmaim . We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget

Raids Facebook : We offer you a copy 2.0 of the program ( Pro facebook Hack ) world-famous

                Interesting after work to enable anonymous group and  Zmaim hacker Was discovered a new gap in System Facebook Code (xxxxxxx)

                This version 2.0 which has many advantages  : speed in hack, protection of account hacker facebook , Hack Account Facebook

                and after account hack there new Break the protection so that you can enter the account  the victim of  without security problems

 Parti 1 :
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Help For How To Download  From  Fileice
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 Upon entering you will be asked to activation code
Code Activate : ******
 Waited a week after the code will be launched activate
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